Sepaham Indonesia Supports State Efforts to Stop Sexual Violence in Higher Education

You are currently viewing Sepaham Indonesia Supports State Efforts to Stop Sexual Violence in Higher Education, MALANG – The Indonesian Human Rights Teaching Association (Sepaham Indonesia) supports the PPKS Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS to prevent sexual violence in universities.

The Coordinator of Indonesian Consensus Muktiono in a press release received by the Medan Tribune, Wednesday (12/1/2021), said research from Komnas Perempuan showed that sexual violence in universities ranks first in the world of education, which is 27 percent during the 2015-2020 period.

Even the cases of sexual violence on campus that have been uncovered recently show that the phenomenon is the tip of the iceberg so that this is very disturbing to the community. Cases of sexual violence, especially on campuses, have had a tremendously damaging impact on victims, created fear in the public, especially the academic community, attacked the honor of victims and the world of education, and demeaned the dignity of victims and their families.

Second, sociologically-juridically, unequal power relations between perpetrators and victims, weakness or absence of legal norms that can be used on a basic basis to take action against perpetrators, not optimal working power of decency norms, moral norms, religious norms, strong patriarchal culture, and permissive culture in universities, are factors that encourage the occurrence of sexual violence on campus so that it continues to bring victims.

Third, juridically, universities are obliged to carry out statutory orders in the administration of higher education and are responsible for ensuring that every academic community in their environment respects human rights, protects them from all forms of violence, including sexual violence, stops and takes quick steps. if sexual violence occurs in the relationship between the academic community;

Fourth, juridically philosophically, the state, especially the government, has a constitutional obligation (Article 28I (4); Article 28G) to protect, promote, uphold and fulfill human rights. for a sense of security and protection from the threat of fear, as well as freedom from treatment that degrades human dignity.

“Fifth, factually, best practices for preventing sexual violence are not new, but have been carried out by several universities, both public and private, by empowering the Women’s and Children’s Protection Institution, the Legal Aid and Consultation Agency (BKBH). ) Universities, but need to be encouraged so that this can also be done by other universities throughout Indonesia,” he wrote.

Sixth, normatively, the existence of Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS is a form of concrete legal action from the government to prevent sexual violence in universities, which is a constitutional mandate and as an implementing regulation of the Law on Higher Education, Law on Teachers and Lecturer, Law Number 7 of 1984 concerning Ratification of Conventions concerning the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and Law Number 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights.

Seventh, sociologically, various groups acknowledge that the existence of the PPKS Permindikbud has a positive goal in preventing sexual violence on campus and deserves support; Meanwhile, from a normative juridical perspective, the existence of the phrase “with the consent of the victim” in the concept of sexual violence which is feared to encourage free sex is a narrow and erroneous view, does not understand the substance of the Permendikbud PPKS comprehensively, and does not have an adequate argumentative basis.

Based on the empirical, sociological, juridical, and philosophical facts above, Sepaham Indonesia states that it supports the existence of the PPKS Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS which is a fast and progressive legal breakthrough to prevent sexual violence in universities.

The existence of the PPKS Permendikbud-Ristek will not damage or prevent various norms of decency, moral norms, and religious norms that have been living and growing in society, but rather become the reinforcement of these norms.

Indonesia’s understanding also encourages the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology to continue implementing the PPKS Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS by immediately collaborating with various parties and relevant experts to prepare all Human Resources, as well as adequate facilities and infrastructure in carrying out the contents of the Permendikbud- PPKS Research and Technology and continuously disseminate the contents of the PPKS Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS so that it is not misunderstood by the public.

“In the same opinion, Indonesia urges the community to jointly be a part of efforts to combat sexual violence in universities, given that sexual violence is a heinous act that degrades the dignity and worth of the community,” he said.


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