SEPAHAM Indonesia

Promoting Human Rights Through Education, Research, and Advocacy

Welcome to the website of The Indonesian Association of Human Rights Lecturers (SEPAHAM Indonesia).

Indonesian Association of Human Rights Lecturer (SEPAHAM Indonesia) is a home for lecturers and researchers from universities in Indonesia to participate and to contribute in human rights education and activism.

How We Can Help

The Human Rights Commission offers two free, confidential services for the public.

Human rights information and support

We can support you to share or to enrich your knowledge, information, and ideas on human rights by research publication, scientific journal, public opinion, webinar, course, training, and conference.

Dispute resolution

If what you are experiencing, or have experienced in the past, could be unlawful discrimination you may be referred to our team of mediators for dispute resolution. They will step you through how we can work with you to help resolve your complaint.